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Writer's Block: Gifts for My Favorite Geek [01 Dec 2009|09:49am]
What gifts are you planning to get this year for the tech-geek in your life?
My husband is as close as it comes to "tech-geek" and he's just a gaming fool. I bought him a set of headphones with a mic so he can actually talk to the folks he plays with online. As usual when it comes to his gaming addiction, I have since come to regret the purchase (I gave it to him early). I hate his f'in games. It's sad when it makes me long for his deployment to come sooner so I don't have to watch him play for a million hours in a row or wake up to him next to me in the morning knowing he's never there when I fall asleep at night. Kiss my ass, LOTR.
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Writer's Block: Tinsel town [29 Nov 2009|07:55am]
Do you put up decorations for the holidays? If so, when do the decorations go up and when do you take them down?
Normally I start decorating for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend. This year...as a college student and just crazy busy, the tree went up 3-4 weeks ago and I've slowly done other things as time allowed. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can do the rest when I have time. With finals approaching, it'll just have to wait for now. I take them down after the first of the year but no real set date for the destruction of the decor. Just do it as I feel the need.
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Writer's Block: I hate to bring this up ... [23 Nov 2009|06:42am]
Is there anything you always wanted to tell your partner, but were afraid to bring up out of fear of conflict or hurt feelings? Do you think you'll ever have the courage to confront the issue?
Not really. I'm boring. I know.
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Writer's Block: Get everything you care about, all in one place. [22 Nov 2009|07:03am]
With so much information on the Web, how do you stay organized online?
I've got folders upon folders. A couple times a year I go through and delete the superfluous and organize what's left. I keep very little on my desktop and have lots of folders under other things. I back up my hard drive to an external hard drive about once per quarter just so I don't lose everything.
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Writer's Block: Daily Internet routine [20 Nov 2009|07:36pm]
What's your daily internet "routine"?
Sign into IM and see if one of my friends is online yet. She usually is. Sign into my email and see what's waiting for me there. Delete the junk and deal with any others I feel so inclined to deal with at that hour of the morning. Then on to Facebook where I see who is on. Check my profile page and then see what all my peeps have been up to since I last logged in (usually 9 hours earlier or so). Then onto a military spouse support site to see the idiocy that has unfolded overnight. Then see where the internet takes me.

That's my early morning internet routine. I generally do the same any time I've been away from the net for any length of time.
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Writer's Block: The Holiday Hustle & Bustle [14 Nov 2009|03:42pm]
What’s on your “to-do” list to prepare for the holidays? How will you use technology to help you get everything done?
500 things are on my list but school comes first. The tree is already up and the kidlet decorated it last weekend. Did a little more decorating today. Got lots to do but it has to wait until after my last final on 2 December.

The only way I use technology for the holidays is making printed labels for addressing my card envelopes. That's it. Oh, and I guess I do listen to my Christmas music on my iPod now versus CDs or whatever. I put all my CDs into iTunes and now I can listen to hundreds of Christmas songs on shuffle all day long. I really like it.
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Writer's Block: Are women or men bigger cheats? [20 Sep 2009|06:28am]
Do you think men or women are more likely to cheat if they know they won't get caught? Do you believe in marriage?
I don't either gender is more likely to cheat if they know they won't get caught. I've known far too many of both genders who have committed this offense to believe it's higher with one than with the other.

Uh, heck yes I believe in marriage or I wouldn't have gotten married. Abuse and adultery are the only outs, as far as we're concerned.
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Writer's Block: On the (Job) Hunt [15 Sep 2009|06:20am]
What's the hardest part about looking for a new job?
Uh, the fact that the vast majority of employers out there take one look at my resume and immediately realize I'm an Army spouse and I don't get past the point of resume review. Can't prove it but I know it's true. Even had one initial phone interview that specifically asked that question...like 2nd to last question...I met all the requirements of the job and never heard from them again. Awesome!!
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Writer's Block: The Best [17 Jul 2009|07:04am]
What's the best thing you've seen or done this month?
4th of July in Denver. We had seen fireworks on the 3rd on the Army post where we are stationed. However, on the 4th in Denver we also saw fireworks at Invesco Field (home of the Denver Broncos) and then at Coors Field (home of the Colorado Rockies). Great fireworks!! Totally do that again.
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Writer's Block: Looking Back [14 Apr 2009|06:44am]
LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
Geesh. 1/3/2003 was my first LJ post. Just random things, really. Nothing too exciting. My daughter was 7 at the time and we lived in Missouri but knew we were moving to Virginia in July. Fun to read.
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Writer's Block: Change for the Better over a Decade [19 Mar 2009|07:21am]
How are you a better person today than you were ten years ago?
I like to think so. I think I've mellowed quite a bit as I've gotten comfy in my 30s. I'm thinner, more financially stable, my family is comfortable, I've lived in 5 states in the last 10 years and seen the country on the military's dime. The last decade has been good to me and I'm a better person today because of all of my blessings.
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Writer's Block: You Might Be Surprised to Hear... [11 Mar 2009|08:03am]
What story of personal greatness, achievement or success would your co-workers or friends be surprised to learn about you?
I put myself through college as a single mother on welfare. 11 years later and no sign I was ever that poor. It's one of my defining moments in my life that very few people in my real life know about.
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Writer's Block: Almost Famous [09 Mar 2009|10:50am]
What celebrity do you think looks like you? What celebrity do other people say you look like?
Stockard Channing is the overwhelming response to both. I get it all the time, almost every state I've ever lived in (like 10 of them). For those who don't know who she is, she played Rizo in Grease with John Travolta. ;)
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Writer's Block: AKA [27 Feb 2009|12:20pm]
What's the story behind your username?
It's my email address. After I got married, I opened a new email account. I was typing so fast I left out a letter and hit submit before I knew it. I just simply left it that way.
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Organic chemistry [17 Feb 2009|07:42am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Condensed formula for alkanes is CnH2n+2
for cycloalkanes it's CnH2n
for alkynes it's CnH2n-2

Alkanes undergo two types of reactions and they are combustion and halogenation. Halogenation is a substitution reaction for alkanes and an addition reaction for alkenes.

Alkenes undergo four types of reactions and they are halogenation (alkene with a halogen), hydrogenation (alkene with hydrogen), hydrohalogenation (alkene with a halogen acid), and hydration (alkene with water).


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And it continues [15 May 2008|08:41am]
[ mood | content ]

Three sets of orders in 2 years and 2 of those in 7 months. How lovely. At least the last two have been awesome opportunities for Mac and I can't ask for more than that. And a promotion this year to boot. That's my man.

4.0 for my spring semester and now onto summer session with two classes.

Amusement park season passes, annual membership at the zoo, two trips to Michigan, and a trip to NM in August. Long may summer reign, although 10 weeks will fly by.

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[31 Mar 2008|06:42pm]

You Are Low Maintenance

Otherwise known as "too good to be true"

You're one laid back chica - and men love that!

Just remember that no good guy likes a doormat.

So if you find your self going along to get along...

Stop yourself and put up a little bit of a fight.

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[31 Mar 2008|06:40pm]

You Are Not Prissy

You're the furthest thing from a princess - and you probably stay far away from any princess types you know.

You have an easygoing approach to living. It doesn't take a lot to make you happy.

And when life requires it, you're ready to get your hand a little dirty.

There's no problem you're too prissy to tackle!

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Explains a lot [27 Jul 2007|09:51am]

These are the two I can't stand the most. The others I can tolerate if bottled water is the only thing available, but Aquafina and Dasani....are just nasty and I won't drink them except under duress in the middle of South Dakota when the temp's over 100*
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Sonic Drive-In [16 Jun 2007|09:09pm]
[ mood | content ]

240 miles round-trip. Worth every single mile.

Damn that's good stuff.

*sigh of contentment*

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